Pride Donuts

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This is where you can place a digital order to Sugar Shack DMV. We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice. For orders of 100 donuts or less click the store you would like to pick your order up from. For orders of 100 or more donuts please use our catering form.

Once we receive your order inquiry we will send you a digital invoice. Orders are not sent to the kitchen until they are paid for.*

King Cake 

If you want a large King Cake, choose 12" cake and King Cake for glaze. If you want a dozen Mardi Gras donuts (half sprinkles and half filled) choose a dozen donuts and Mardi Gras for the flavors.

Valentine's Day

If you want a dozen for Valentine’s Day (Chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate with raspberry filled, red and pink sprinkles, chocolate swirls, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting), choose a dozen donuts and Valentine’s for the flavors.list.

Catering Order

All catering orders are fulfilled at our Arlington location at 1014 S Glebe Rd. All orders of 100+ donuts come with a free 1/2 dozen tasting. If you would like to set up a tasting before placing your final order please fill out the tasting form. All tastings are by appointment only with a least 7 days notice. When ordering this many donuts you have access to our full flavor selection, the option of delivery and more!

When placing a catering order note that we only accept orders with at least 48 hours notice. If you need your donuts and coffee sooner please call the store at 703-577-9636.