Tastings are available by request only. When ordering 100+ donuts, tastings are free and include six flavors. Additional flavors can be sampled for 50% off the normal donut price. 

Catering Discounts

Order 2 dozen donuts and we'll throw in a 10% discount. When you place a catering order (100+ donuts) we'll throw in a 15% discount. If you sign up for our Donut Hero program it'll throw an extra 5% discount on top of that bringing your combined savings to 20%. 

thinking outside of the box?

We are open to your ideas. Our bakers can work with you and create custom flavors and glazes through a consultation.

Shot by Adam Mason of Mason Photography.

Pick Up

Some orders under 10 dozen can be picked up from our Alexandria or Shaw locations. Weddings and orders of more than 100+ donuts must be picked up from our Arlington location only.


Delivery is dependent on the distance from our Arlington location. It is $25 per 5 miles. Donuts can be arranged once delivered for an additional fee of $30. 

 Shot by Adam Mason of Mason Photography.

Shot by Adam Mason of Mason Photography.

Donut Displays


Tiered Donut Stand

Display rentals begin at $50. Additional displays may be rented for $25/per display. Displays must be returned within three days of the event. Displays are pictured above and feature three tiers.



Individual Boxing

We can individually package your donuts. This is helpful if donuts are being given out as party favors. Individual boxing cost $1/donut. Individual bags cost $.50/donut.